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Course Summary

This hybrid TEFL course offers a great combination of online instruction and live teaching practicum at an affordable price. Having hands-on experience is advantageous when applying to more competitive teaching opportunities abroad such as EPIK in Korea, JET in Japan and NET in Hong Kong. Upon completion of this course you will receive two certificates, one certificate for the 120 hour online portion of the course and another certificate to verify your 20 hours of teaching practicum. The teaching practicum can be completed from your current location - refer to the how it works section below for details.

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The online portion of this course will cover:

Module 1: Warmers & Classroom Management
• Setting the stage
• Ice Breakers
• Student Feedback

Module 2: Grammatical Awareness
• Elementary Grammar
• Pre-Intermediate Grammar
• Intermediate Grammar
• Teaching Tenses

Module 3: Lesson Planning
• Presentation Practise Production
• Structuring lessons
• Test Teach Test
• Task based Learning

Module 4: Building a lesson plan
• Overview
• Components of a lesson
• Lesson procedure
• Phonemic chart

Module 5: Using Games & Controlled Practise
• Communicative approach
• Communication activities
• Gap fills
• Error correction

Module 6: Lexis, Phonology and Functional language
• Overview
• Lexis
• Phonology
• Functional language
• Functions video lesson

Module 7: Listening
• Overview
• Listening skills
• Questions

Module 8: Receptive skills – Reading
• Overview
• Reading video lesson

Module 9: Productive skills – Speaking
• Speaking
• Teaching Speaking
• Questions

Module 10: Productive skills – Writing
• Overview
• Writing video lesson
• Lesson analysis

Module 11: Grammar
• Overview
• Components of a lesson plan
• Grammar video lesson
• Lesson analysis

Module 12: Teaching Children
• Overview
• Managing behaviour in the classroom
• Story telling
• Establishing routine

Module 13: Classroom survival tips
• Cultural Awareness
• Teaching with limited resources
• Managing large groups


The teaching practicum can be completed from the convenience of your current location. Refer to the 'How it Works' tab for Teaching Practicum details.


This 140 hour combined course is accredited by the UK Register of Learning Providers - UKRLP (Reg. #10036852)

TEFL UK courses are also FCDO (Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office) approved. This means your TEFL certificate is eligible to be legalized, notarized and apostilled for international visa application purposes (should you require it for teaching in places that require additional authentication, such as China).  

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TEFL UK provide a very good service, the online chat is particularly helpful and my questions were always answered promptly. The full length lesson videos were very useful and brought the teaching methods to life.
- Monica Ferguson
The course was laid out perfectly. It explained all aspects that needed to be covered. I loved being able to progress at my own pace and if I needed to recap all previous material was accessible. Truly amazing
- Stephan Jon Gray
The TEFL course was very insightful and informative. I feel that it has enhance my knowledge, in regards to English Language Teaching. The course has also given me valuable background knowledge, that I am able to apply in my current English a Language Teaching MA studies.
- Hodan Abdi
TEFLUK has made it possible for me survive whilst I’m on my year abroad for university. I’m flying to a country where I know very little of the language and finding a job would have been incredibly difficult. TEFLUK has made it so that I can do something fun and worthwhile in between my studying!

Thank you so much for this unforgettable learning experience that I will, without a doubt, recommend to everyone!!
- Jessica Jackson
The course was extremely comprehensive, and taught me everything I could ever need to teach a class abroad. The 150 hour course was especially good as it included lots of video materials with examples of teaching, as well as a business English section. I'm looking forward to using my certificate abroad!
- James Alston
The course is simple and understandable for everyone. It has clear explanations and tests which help you to move easily from unit to unit. It also give you a lot of support with real life examples and videos.
- Catalina Cojocaru
The course material is exceptional. It does get you ready to be a excellent Tutor/Teacher to ESL students. I would encourage you to take courses with TEFLUK. The staff is great! The lessons are fun, engaging, and educational. It is worth your time. Money well spent!
- Irene Jones
I was very impressed with the lesson planning tips, the videos and the superb content in general. I started teaching English as a second language years ago before there was a TEFL certification process. I wish I had known then what I know now after going through the 150 hour course, Fantastic! Thank you TEFLUK for purrubg together a remarkable course.
- Cali Campbell

TEFL UK believes in empowering their students to be the best that they can be through quality, tried and tested TEFL training courses. Ultimately, our courses are designed to enable graduates to have a fulfilling teaching experience.

From our experience, we know that teaching English as a Foreign language can be a complex task. We focus on delivering solutions to problems a teacher might face when teaching TEFL.

Through our training, teachers can learn effective teaching methodology and the right approach to take in order to successfully navigate potential pitfalls when delivering ESOL (English as a Second Language) classes.

We believe that all students have the right to be taught by teachers with a wealth of lesson ideas, strategies and grammatical understanding. Our courses help provide a full understanding of these ideas.

There’s nothing complicated about it: great training, great outcome!

It only takes a couple of minutes to purchase this course and complete the enrollment process. Here's how it works.

1.  Click the ENROLL NOW button on this page then click the CHECKOUT button on the following page.

2.  Enter your details > create a password > click CREATE ACCOUNT.

3.  Choose your preferred payment method (credit card or PayPal) to finalize your purchase. Enter your payment details and click PLACE ORDER. An automated invoice/receipt will immediately be sent to your email address.

TEFL Source is a PCI DSS compliant business. This means all your payment information is ultra secure with end to end encryption.

4.  Receive course access instructions (username and password) from the admissions team.

You can now access course materials, message your tutor and complete the coursework whenever you're logged into the student area.


Before you begin this component you will receive a Practicum Guide which includes:

 - Practicum Overview
 - Practicum Process and Rules
 - Planning and Organizing your Practicum
 - Practicum Forms and Procedures
 - Practicum FAQs


TEFL UK will guide you through the steps in finding a suitable venue, however, it is your responsiblity to secure a venue for your teaching practicum. Finding a venue is easier than you think because many private language schools, community centers, immigrant language programs, etc. welcome volunteer teachers and teaching assistants.
Suitable venues may include any of the following:

 1)  Local Language Academies
 2)  Local Community Centers
 3)  Faith Based Organizations [local Churches, Temples, etc.]
 4)  Local Libraries & Community Colleges
 5)  Existing or Former School (Elementary, Middle, High School)
 6)  Current Job (if you're currently teaching in your home country or overseas)
 7)  Face-to-face Tutoring

Acceptable forms of practicum hours: Teaching, assistant teaching and classroom observation are accepted under certain conditions.  For example, classroom based observation and assistance is acceptable but tutoring observation is not. 

How is the practicum assessed?

All your teaching/tutoring/observation hours must be verified and evaluated by a person-in-charge of you at the chosen venue, or by the individual you are teaching/tutoring/observing. To pass the Practicum, you will need to achieve a minimum of 70% of ‘satisfactory’ or above ratings in your Practicum activity. Proper verification forms will be supplied.

You will also need to complete one or two 300-word Reflective Writing Assignments at the end of your Practicum. The number of Assignments is determined by which options you choose. These will be assessed by TEFL UK. You need to achieve a 70% pass in this activity.


This course is displayed and sold in USD. Your local currency price is displayed in addition to the USD sale price for reference purposes only. There are no additional fees, the displayed price includes all required course materials.  The course fee must be paid in full before receiving course access and instructions.

There is a 14 day refund guarantee for this course, provided no course assignments were submitted for marking or grading. Students who have already submitted completed assignments for marking or grading will not be eligible for a refund.  If you would like to apply for a refund please write to us by email and your refund will be issued as soon as possible (within 10 business days).
This course requires a strong command of both written and spoken English. Non-native English speakers should possess a TOEFL score of 280 or higher, or B2 level proficiency in the English language.  If you are not sure of your English Language level then please schedule a free consultation session with one of our advisors.

TEFL Source is not the Course Provider; we work in partnership with the Course Provider as an authorized reseller of this certification course. TEFL Source does not rebrand or alter course specifics or particulars in any way. All courses displayed and sold on this website are ‘one and the same’ as the respective courses that are sold and displayed on the Course Provider’s website. 
Some of the personal information you submit during the payment and registration process will be shared with the respective Course Provider. The information we share is necessary for enrollment purposes. We do not share, sell or otherwise transfer your personally identifiable information to any outside parties other than the Course Provider that’s responsible for administering the Course you purchased. Information that is shared with your respective Course Provider includes your name, address, phone number and email. Under no circumstances are your credit card details shared with the Course Provider.  Please visit our ‘Privacy Policy’ page to learn how personal information is collected and protected.

Please visit our Terms & Conditions page (http://teflsource.com/page/terms-of-use) for complete policy information.

Course FAQ'S


No. You can enroll and begin this course at any time.

No. All course materials are included in the displayed enrollment price.

No. Refer to the next FAQs for other prerequisites.

It depends on your English speaking level of proficiency. If you have a B2 level (Common European Framework) in the English language then you are eligible to enroll in this course.

Yes. Having previous teaching experience is not a prerequisite for this course.

Yes. Having a degree is not a prerequisite for this course, however, some countries, schools and teaching programs with only hire candidates with degrees.

This course takes most trainees 2-6 weeks to complete.

You have 12 months to complete the online portion of the course. The teaching practice component must be completed within 3 months of the online portion. For example: If you complete the course in 6 months, you'll have another 3 months to finish the teaching practice.

You can have the course modules reset for a small fee in order to retry the assignments. If you fail again after this, the course would be classed as a Fail and no certification is awarded.

The score is graded on a Pass | Fail basis . You get 3 attempts to pass each module as you work through the course. Questions are interactive using drag and drop answers, multiple choice and including watching videos and submitting answers. There is a test at the end of each module which you need to pass to gain access to the next stage of the course. You are given 3 attempts on each module.

Upon course completion, you can download this at their convenience in the certifications center. Hardcopy option is not available for now.

Yes. We offer a range of jobs and internships in countries such as Argentina, China, Colombia, Georgia, Japan, Korea, Thailand and Vietnam.

You can apply for a job after the course is completed. Some employers will offer you a position with the understanding that you successfully complete the course. If you need a letter confirming that you have enrolled in our course, we will gladly provide one for you.


  • Highly recommend using TEFL Source if you want to get certified to teach English as a foreign language. I'm currently travelling in SE Asia so I wanted a course that I could work on from my ipad. TEFL Source had lots of great options and the prices were more competitive than other places I looked. I can't wait to start teaching now!Jon Sobolewski
  • I stumbled upon TEFL Source while I was researching the EPIK teaching program in South Korea. I didn't realize there were so many course types and companies out there. TEFL Source made it easy to browse through the different programs, although many aspects of the programs are comparable, and find a suitable course that included teaching practice. I'd tell you I'd use them again but I doubt I'll need another TEFL certification. All in all, a happy customer. Jenny Bae
  • Don't believe all the hype that's associated with CELTA and Trinity certification courses. My friend spent £2000 on his CELTA course while I spent $400 on a hybrid TEFL course, which was mostly online but included 20 hours of teaching practice, and we both have the same salary, benefits and working conditions in Japan! I'm quite satisfied with the deal I found on TEFL Source, definitely worth a look if you're planning on getting certified.S. Hyeong
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